Rubber|NeopreneVibram soleDRY AND HAPPY FEET: Breathability features transfer sweat quickly to prevent wetness.100% WATERPROOF: Rubber/Neoprene combination creates a waterproof boot that is comfortable on your foot and leg, not stiff and hard. Give muck, mud, rain and snow the boot!EXCELLENT TRACTION IN ALL CONDITIONS: Rubber sole allows good footing on wet, slippery, and muddy surfacesLIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: Specially designed to be lightweight. You work hard enough without carrying around lead weights on your feet all dayEXTRA WARM: Guaranteed to keep your feet warm in temps as cold as -40°. Perfect for snow.

Moregor Winter Boots come from a place that is famous for dealing with cold most time of the year - Russia. These fantastic boots are not just produced. They are engineered based on multi-century experience of local people in surviving the toughest winters on the planet with addition of modern knowledge and technology. The boots are made out of high grade natural leather with nap, best natural mouton and nutria fur and a good assortment of other materials. They are warm, really warm! And nice. And the quality is exceptional. Our sales keep on growing all across Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, and now we plan to expand to the markets of US and Canada. To be able to prove our products to local consumers, we decided to sell the boots with rather big discounts. Initially. Until such times when our customers decide that they are willing to pay anything for these boots - and still win. Please check size comparison table enclosed to determine your size.

MOREGOR Closeout Sale Real Fur and Leather Winter Boots Nutria GVDSJUVZI

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MOREGOR Closeout Sale Real Fur and Leather Winter Boots Nutria GVDSJUVZI

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